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Professor Franco Citterio

Professor Franco Citterio
Associate Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery, Catholic University of Rome, Rome, ITALY

Professor Citterio has been Associate Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery at the Catholic University of Rome, Italy since 2000.

Following a Fellowship in Organ Transplantation at the University of Texas in Houston, USA, he developed an interest in immunosuppression and renal transplantation. His clinical activities are mainly devoted to renal transplantation and peripheral vascular surgery.

Professor Citterio’s research interests include study design, outcome research and immunosuppressive protocols in renal transplantation, and the identification of factors affecting the cardiovascular risk in renal transplant recipients, and in candidates for peripheral vascular surgery.

Professor Citterio has presented papers at national and international conferences, and his work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, since 2007 he is serving as Treasurer of the Italian Society for Organ Transplantation.